Hobby Resolutions 2020

I’m off to a fairly good start with my hobby goals for 2020: my first one was to start a hobby blog!

Next, I intend to play at least two 2000-point games of Age of Sigmar, my favorite game. I’ve only played one 2000-point game because I just don’t have a whole lot of game time. But the one big game I played last year was absolutely exhilarating, and exhausting in the way, say, an intense D&D boss fight, the culmination of a long-story arc in a Pyrrhic victory, etc etc.

I want to participate in more store leagues and events for Age of Sigmar, Warcry, and Kill Team. I’d also like to complete at least one Warcry campaign, because I’m eager to develop the story of a ragged , underdog band ascending to the heights of the Varanguard–or getting chewed up and spit out three games in! R.I.P. bloody dudes!

And, for now–the big one: to build a display board for my growing Cities of Sigmar army and put it in competition in the local Games Workshop’s Armies on Parade event. It will be my biggest terrain-building project yet!

I’ll be developing more resolutions as the year goes on, because I have a tendency to accumulate goals like debt, a-ha! I got the Core Rulebook for the Dragon Age RPG, and I’m excited to make some kind of campaign for my friends. I did a little DM’ing for a library event recently, but I haven’t built a multi-session game in years, and I’m excited and more than a little scared to do it.

I will talk more about my writing goals as the year goes on. I want to collect and develop several story ideas for when the Black Library open submission period comes around this year.

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